Harvest notes

We have sold out of pecans. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful season! We appreciate your business!

Doubletree Pecan | From Our Orchard to Your Table

At Doubletree Pecan, we're just passionate about pecans. What we do – managing the orchards, harvesting in the Fall, running the shelling and packing operations – is all focused on one goal.

Our mission is to provide you with the tastiest, largest, prettiest, and freshest Georgia pecans that can be produced.

For us, pecans aren't just a crop, they're the crop. We're pecan growers. Doubletree Pecan doesn't ship peaches, fancy jellies, or onion preserves. We are meticulous about the care of our orchards and with the extra effort we put into selecting the best pecans for our customers.

Pecan farming is year round work that we love. We know that the more effort we put into our orchards, the better the quality of the nuts we'll ship in the Fall. We're dedicated to the pecan business and it shows in the fresh pecans we ship and the responses we hear back from customers like you.

There's nothing like fresh Georgia pecans, straight from the orchard. We hope you'll enjoy eating Doubletree pecans as much as we love growing them for you!